Off-Grid system

Product features
This household PV off-grid system is a photovoltaic DC power supply system designed to provide lighting and DC low-power electricity for users in remote, power-deficient areas, field operations, camping, etc.
This system has multiple functions such as battery overcharge, over discharge protection; battery over discharge voltage rebound anti-flickering; ultra-low power standby; USB output, lighting output overload protection; independent charge and discharge, one-button trigger.
This system is a DC output system, with 5 DC12 output interfaces and 2 DC5V output interfaces, designed for multi-purpose needs.
This system can be connected to an inverter.
USB output overload protection function: when charging mobile phones, MP3, digital cameras and other digital products, the maximum output current is 1000mA. The system USB output will be automatically turned off when exceeding the rated current.
Lighting output overload protection function: when the lighting output exceeds 5A, the system will trigger automatic protection and the output will be automatically turned off.
Independent charge and discharge function: charge and discharge do not interfere with each other, and discharge can be performed simultaneously during charge.
Charge and discharge indication function: it can achieve monitoring the system charge and discharge status at any time. When charging, the charging indicator light is red, and the indicator turns green when fully charged; when discharging, the work indicator illuminates steady green, when in low voltage protection, the work indicator illuminates steady red.